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SECO 21 Clear Concrete Sealer


SECO 21 Clear Sealer   Application to Commercial Property

Total Moisture Control is the leader in concrete foundation MoistureProofing in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our complete moisture management solutions  using  proprietary Reacted Silicate or "Liquid Glass" technology - is the only permanent solution for your home or commerical business. Unlike any interior or exterior topical coatings, which can experience glue line failure,SECO 21 water-based sealants penetrate the concrete surface and create an impermeable glass structure that water molecules cannot pass thru, resulting in a MoistureProof barrier.  TMC offers their entire line of proven products for dampproofing, waterproofing and entire concrete wall Moistureproofing.

SECO 21 Video

SECO 21 is a water based penetrating sealer that is used for the prevention of mold growth on masonry block, pre-cast and poured interior and exterior concrete structures. SECO 21 produces a highly effective breathable moisture barrier, by reducing water vapor transmission. SECO 21 contains no mineral spirits or petroleum distillates

New or Existing Construction: Seals masonry, pre-cast and poured concrete structures from the potential growth of mold on cementitious substrates

SECO 21 is warranted to perform as specified for 10 years form the date of application

Tested by SGS U. S. Testing Company
Contains anti fungal ingredients
Reduces or eliminates contamination by mold or fungi
Reduces or eliminates musty, smelly odors in basements
Reduces or eliminates allergies and other respiratory problems
Eliminates moisture and reduces condensation
Provides dry surface to apply insulation
Can be applied to dry or damp walls
Allows for better curing of foundation walls
Can be painted or coated over and requires only one application
Can be used as a capillary break between walls (piers) and footers
Prevents moisture wickup on interior walls

Cost effective, saves time and money
Non Toxic, Non Flammable
Reduces Home Builders Risk Assessment
Warranty is transferable

SECO 21 Spec

SECO 21Clear Panama Application

SECO 21 Clear - for exterior use on footers, exterior foundation walls and concrete

SECO 21 Concrete Sealer is an excellent solution to seal concrete and concrete pavers for patios, sidewalks, walkways, and/or driveways.  SECO 21 preserves and protects the integrity of the pavers or concrete  by not allowing water to penetrate the surface. Sealing the patio, driveway or walkway will brighten and enhance the look and maintain a nice clean bright look for a longer period of time.

Mold and mildew prevention or prolonged re-growth is also an added benefit of SECO 21 Concrete Sealer. Because moisture cannot penetrate, there is less potential for mold and mildew to grow and survive. SECO 21 is a clear sealer that is safe, environment friendly and very easy to apply.  Simply powerwash the area, allow to dry and spray SECO 21 Concrete Sealer for a fresh clean finish.

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