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We at Total Moisture Control have been dedicated to helping homeowner's maintain a healthy airspace environment within their homes for over 20 years by reducing the ability for moisture to penetrate the exterior walls of the structure. Our primary focus has been the foundation walls - either crawlspace or basement and we do this by reducing water vapour transmission thru the concrete. Unfortunately, the minimal Code requirement fails to properly address this regarding your foundation wall system. In this sense the Building Code for the Mid-Atlantic is very poorly written - it does not take into account the constant high humidity levels, dew points or water tables in our area that play a major part regarding moisture related problems. Because of these ongoing moisture and mold related issues, we at TMC decided to do something about it and developed a foundation system that "MoistureProofs" your foundation inside and out.
Since concrete is hygroscopic it can absorb moisture from the surrounding air, as well as, wick water upwards from ground contact. Where there are damp or wet ground conditions, the concrete never really dries out. Hence, your basement or crawlspace walls or floor can contain moisture and even when you think the concrete is dry - it's not. Damp or wet concrete adds $$$ to your energy bills as dehumidification systems attempt to maintain a constant humidity level in your home.  Unlike topical coatings it will not back off and since it becomes inert when dry, it can never be reapplied to itself. One application is all it takes to keep your foundation protected

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